About Us Go Nano Silicon Valley

Roof Resilience Redefined: Your Ultimate Defense Against the Elements

About Us Go Nano Silicon Valley

Our Mission

“To create innovative nanosealers that extend the lifespan of building materials.”

From America, for America.

All our nanosealer products are designed in North America to meet the expectations of North American homeowners. Our products are tested in the field and in laboratories to offer real added value in their real-life application.

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About nano technology


Nanotechnology is the science of engineering and technology at the nanoscale. As a reference point, the thickness of a sheet of paper is about 150,000 nanometers.


Ranging from 40 to 60 nanometers in size, the nanoparticles we use are infinitely microscopic. This is what allows them to penetrate materials to protect them from the inside.


Unlike a coating or paint that creates a protective layer on the surface, our nano sealers act on the molecular structure of materials to modify and strengthen them.



Is your roof still in good shape? Now’s the time to act.

The earlier you apply our technology to your shingle roof, the longer the lifespan of your roof will be.

By the time your roof is too old, in poor condition or suffering from serious problems, it will be too late to act.